Charcoal smoker vs Gas grill

With the world evolving, with the competition increasing, with the availability of options, people get confused, and some are stubborn, and they don’t wish to walk hand in hand with the evolution everyone in this world has his / her views and to be very honest all the opinions they matter a lot.

A few years back I was one of the stubborn types, and I took swears that I would not shift to gas grills no matter what happens I was a charcoal lover back then basically I love outdoor grilling, outdoor grilling is fun I get time with my family and as I can grill well my 7-year-old daughter thinks that I’m a great cook and who doesn’t want to be his little princess’s hero. Last summer I broke my swear and purchased a gas grill before I use to think that if I have to use gas grill only then why don’t I just shift to gas stove but what happen next was that the price of gas grill made me buy it when somebody goes for shopping what does that person buy?

Why does that person buy that one product only? Some buy it because of the price some buy because of the brand loyalty some buy because of space there are many reasons to buy a product I purchased a gas grill because of the convenience, gas grills are more convenient whereas charcoal grills give a great smoky flavor gas grills are somewhat expensive.

  • Charcoal grills, especially the Weber Performer Charcoal Grill heats up faster than the gas grills
  • Charcoal grills take time in getting light up
  • Charcoal grills sometimes burn the food
  • Charcoal grills are hard to clean
  • Temperature in charcoal grills is hard to manage
  • Gas grills are all about 2 C’s 1. Control 2. Convenience
  • Gas grills are easy to start
  • Gas grills are easier to clean
  • Gas grills heat up fast

With my experience I would ask people to go for gas grill as it takes less time and is more convenient, in a world full of rush and work people mostly go for convenience and me to convenience matters a lot as I work and then I have to manage between work and household chores, so I don’t mind spending some extra bucks.

It’s not only about convenience, but it’s also about the control and the cleaning part with the charcoal grill we need to clean all the coal ashes.

With gas grills we don’t have to I mean cleaning is important if we don’t clean our grill it affects the taste of our food it affects the smoky flavor, and I hate cleaning but I love my taste buds way too much, so I prefer gas grills they are super easy to clean I have both charcoal and gas grills but because of the control and convenience factor I use my gas grill more but it’s an individual’s preference, so all I would say is “chose wisely”.

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