Does grilling meat really lead to cancer?

This little world is full of views full of opinions full of facts and full of myths too. you would be thinking why am I talking about all this just like everything in this world has a reason my this statement to has a reason I have heard a lot of people say that grilling meat causes cancer so what I want to do today is know and let you all know too if it’s a myth or a fact let’s know today if grilling meat causes cancer . Scroll down and keep reading my beautiful readers.

Scroll down and keep reading my beautiful readers.

With lots and lots of research I have got to know that there are 2 compounds which are linked to cancer which is HCA’s (heterocyclic amines) and PAHS (polycyclic aromatic) now you would be thinking how are these 2 compounds related to grilling meat so the answer is very simple these two compounds are not related to grilled meat but are linked to the high temperature of heat that we use for grill meat basically if we use high temp for grilling meat the high heat creates HCA’s and PAHS.

PAHS is related to the risk of breast cancer actually what happens is that PAHs form only when the fat of the meat slowly drips on the coals (hot ones) ,the dripping creates smoke settles just like a monkey goes and settles on a tree the smoke settles on the meat and this kind of smoke is basically associated with the increasing risk of breast cancer .

Everything in this world comes with a list of do’s and don’ts and so does grilling to reduce forming HCA’s and PAHS you must trim the fat if there would be less of fat then less fat would drip on the hot coals and less of smoke would be created.

One more thing if you go to the market and buy red meat then you must buy wine or beer no I’m not asking you to organize a party all I m saying is buy wine or beer so that you can marinate your red meat in wine as it reduces the number of chances of forming HCA’s or you can start eating sprouts now you would be thinking why am I talking about sprouts so basically sprouts are good for our health and they make your DNA strong and strong DNA automatically reduces the chances of having cancer.

This world is now full of diseases but because of the fear of falling sick or catching any diseases we can’t live in a cage parrots in the cage falls sick too we all need to learn to live fearless yes precaution is better than cure so let’s follow the list of do’s and don’t s and be safe and enjoy our food , foodies would actually die without eating grilled food so let’s not scared and full of fear lets be good to our food and to our taste buds

Be safe and enjoy your yummy food

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